Ask Babe: Moto Chic?


Was I the only one who thought that the Marc by Marc Jacobs runway show was totally terrifying? Terrifying in a haunting, beautiful way, but still. I don’t think I can sleep tonight. Why. Why. Why?



Dear Future Overprotective Mother,

I for one, loved the Marc by Marc show, because it took me back to 5th grade: The year that I became obsessed with motocross racing. I blame this on my dad, who me watch On Any Sunday at least 20 times growing up. I got so infatuated with Steve McQueen that I forced my dad to buy me a dirt bike, build a ramp in our back yard and hire Carey Hart to give me private riding lessons. This resulted in a horrific crash and a subsequent broken collarbone. Even though my dirt bike racing endeavors didn’t pan out, I still have fond memories of wearing leather jumpsuits and helmets everywhere I went, and I also have that time in my life to thank for my extremely bony décolletage area.

The bottom line is, everything in the universe has it’s moment, and moto looks are very “now.”  And not just at Marc by Marc, although it was happening in an extremely overt way:

Almost offensive, yet it somehow works, no? Also the hair/beauty looks in this show were major.

Love. Giles Deacon showed a really amazing pant:

And T by Alexander Wang had a sporty edge as well:

And motocross-chic isn’t just making a cameo in the fashion world, it’s also becoming prevalent in the film world as well. So instead of fearing this trend, do what I’m doing: live in a place of light an acceptance and embrace it as an opportunity to incorporate more leather and jersey into your Fall wardrobe. I’d recommend pre-ordering a top from the Marc collection and investing in a colorful pair of leather trousers. Top this off with a “fuck you” motorcycle boot or an embellished sneaker and the braids and I think you’ll have a fashionable outfit that you can stomach without wanting to die every time you look in the mirror.



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