Ask Babe: Sketching?

Dear Babe,

Would you be able to draw a fashion picture for me?



Dear Psycho,

What’s a fashion picture?

If you’re referring to the sketches in my books, then the answer is sadly “no”. Basically, I only sketch to come up with potential outfit ideas for myself to wear. Over the years I’ve found that you can’t trust mirrors, pictures, or third parties to give you an honest assessment of what any particular ensemble will look like (especially when said third parties likes to project their body issues onto you). Anyways, I’ve been propositioned for sketches countless times by my own friends, friends of friends, and friends of Lindsay Lohan and I always end up saying no. Long story short, this one time I said yes and Courtney Love still won’t talk to me.

If you’re really struggling, I’d either suggest that you try to draw your own sketches, or that you lock yourself in a room with the last 50 issues of French Vogue and don’t come out until you look like Grace Coddington and Tom Ford’s love child.

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