Bruce Weber+Barneys+Possibility Models = Life

I sat in the back corner of a chic little screening last night in the basement of some huge museum that kind of looks like a cinnamon roll, but in a cute way… if that’s possible? Just kidding, I know it’s called The Guggenheim…or something. I don’t know, my assistant told me the movie had something to do with transgender models and Barneys so I went. Hint #2 for getting me to your event: tell me there will be transgender models (or as some of us call them – Possibility Models) involved or tell me Barneys has something to do with it.



Yep. Bruce Weber shot it and it’s life-affirming. You could even say it melted my cold heart. But that would be super mean.

If you don’t take 30 minutes out of your life and watch it immediately (here) then I will fucking hate you. If you can live with that, then I guess you don’t need to watch it.

ps: If you don’t know what a possibility model is then shut up, drink some kale, and watch this:

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