NYFW: Jeremy Scott

This morning my boyfriend Jared Leto invited me to be his date at the Jeremy Scott show, which was conveniently located at MILK studios in Meatpacking, basically next to my hotel. Although I normally require at least 24 hours notice when being invited to any event with cameras, models, and blaring Kanye, my book editor had just cancelled our afternoon meeting so I accepted. Thank fuck Jaree (that’s what I call him) sent a car to drive me the three blocks, so I didn’t have to expose my skin to the absolutely inhuman temperatures New York is experiencing.

Anyway, the show was channeling vintage sports gear in a fun way. It was also literally everything it isn’t outside: bright, colorful, and full of thin people who know how to walk.

Here were a few of my favorite moments…

I never want to play football but I’d love to ironically wear this to something.

My bff Gigi looked gorge/hein in this tube sock inspired dress.

Love the giant baseball(?) this girl was wearing.

You’re chic (especially your nips).

If you have a stalker, you should think about investing in these shinguards.

I hate watching sports, but I love watching hot male athletes pretend to play sports.

Also Kelly Cutrone was there and she says “Hi Bitch.”

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