Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker: The Row, Please

I used to take time out of every week to meditate on something or someone on this planet who I felt needed a bit of prayer. In the past I’ve prayed for Vince Vaughn, Lindsay Lohan’s Porsche, affection-deprived tweeters, and I’ve even prayed for Jennifer Aniston.

My moon-chakra-guide, Lilliana, texted the other day to tell me that it’s time for me to center myself again and return to my routine of prayer. The text I sent back was along the lines of ‘Go fuck yourself, I know you stole my Vuitton watch,’ but I think she’s right about the prayer stuff. So, today I stood in mountain pose at the foot of my bed, joined my hands in prayer position, pressed them against my heart-center and prayed that God would deliver me this entire look from this week’s The Row FW14 show before it’s sold in stores because I hate to wait.

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