Ask Babe: Adderall?


Is it bad that I love adderall? Or is it necessary for me to pass my classes?



Dear Emma Watson,

Yes, adderall induced productivity is necessary sometimes, especially if you’re in school and can’t focus. How do you think Brooke Shields graduated from Princeton?  Or Lindsay Lohan stayed semi-coherent through her court appearances? Or Meryl Streep memorized enough scripts to get nominated for 18 Oscars? Personally, I never would have gotten through eighth grade without it.

That being said prescription pills are some serious shit so be careful. This girl I went to Parsons with developed a majorrrr adderall addiction, dropped out of school, and moved to some kind of farmers commune in North Carolina. It was incredibly chic until she ended up in rehab at Promises Malibu. Gross. Anyways, the last thing I heard was that she lives in Tokyo, works in the Japanese “fashion” industry, and wears exclusively leather kimonos. So, everything in moderation right?

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