Me and Dries Van Noten

So I was in New York City on Wednesday for some meetings about the release of my new book, Psychos and I decided to stop by Barney’s for a cocktail party/book signing with my BFF, the disgustingly chic fashion designer Dries Van Noten. Everything about the event was stunning: Dries signed some books; showed some pieces from previous collections; took like a million pictures with rude people who smelled like corn; and then afterwards we may or may not have smoked some hash oil in the third floor bathroom together then and spent the next 3 hours crying in front of the L’Wren Scott collection. 

Anyways, while Dries was signing books…

This waiter tried to fuck me.

I ate a disgustingly huge dinner. (3 of these little fuckers)

Tried to steal this Fall 2010 dress off a mannequin.

Was obsessed with this floral skirt from Spring 2013.

And then bought 20 copies of Dries’ book for my 20 chicest friends.

Thanks D! You’re the best. Congrats on the chic fucking book. And…sorry I had to run. Needed to meet my NYC therapist for a drink.

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