Oh, Lena!

An unnamed ex-friend sent me a clip of Lena Dunham, who apparently hosted SNL this weekend. After watching it I went into a brief two minute depression, then replied to her that I needed a break from our friendship because anyone who wants to torture me like that on a Monday morning clearly doesn’t care about my well being.

It’s not that I hate Lena Dunham. I don’t hate her honest tits, I don’t hate how loud and outspoken she is, and I even sometimes don’t hate her dubious yet quirky yet dubious yet heinous outfit choices, but I really really really couldn’t with this. Besides the parts when she was naked. I just think she’s funnier when she’s naked.

But was it her bad?

So Lena, if you’re reading, please take the following advice, courtesy of my Shaman Steve “Like the great oak tree our roots often grow in many opposing directions.” 

To be totally honest, I’m not sure how that applied then and I’m not sure how it applies now but just remember that we’ve all fallen on our faces before. Some worse than others. Few worse than you. Usually we dust ourselves off, stumble back up, and emerge slightly stronger. Other times we go into hiding like Lana Del Rey.  

Also, do you still have my Roy Orbison record?

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