You’re A Babe: Troy Surratt

My personal shoppers at various Barneys around the U.S. are always emailing me about what new products I should be trying, people I should be meeting and pills I should be taking. Recently I was invited to an event to check out Troy Surratt’s namesake makeup line, Surratt Beauty. It’s chic. He’s chic. I’m obsessed. It’s as if art deco fucked disco and gave birth to an explosion of colors, most of which come in refillable compacts so you can personalize your makeup journey. Beyond. I ended up buying the Autographique Liner in Chat Noir (a liquid eyeliner that functions like a refillable calligraphy pen) and the Surratt Lip Lustre in Amethysté, which was a real moment for me because I never do sparkly lip anything. But I guess being around Troy’s energy inspired me to try something new? Who knows. I decided to conduct an in-depth interview to get to the core of what makes Troy Surratt, Troy Surratt…

BW: I stalked your Instagram and saw that you recently adopted a Chanel backpack from Spring ’14. How’s that going? Have you named her?

TS: As you may have heard, adoption is a long and arduous process. I had to be vetted, was on a waiting list for months and paid a pretty penny, but holding her in my arms made it all worth it. Coco is assimilating well with her brothers and sisters. She loves piggy back rides. Although she was emotionally fragile at first, I think that she has come to reciprocate my love.

Favorite flower?

Lily of the Valley. I love that it’s only available one month out of the year. That elusive transience makes it so appealing to me, and I also think that when I arrive the gates of heaven (assuming I get in) I imagine that is what it will smell like. Another interesting fact about Lily of the Valley: because of it’s dense root system, it is considered a noxious weed throughout most of the country.

Favorite product you’ve created?

OMG…picking one makes me feel like Meryl Streep in Sophie’s Choice! The Smokey Eye Baton. I graduated from the Kevyn Aucoin school of Smokey Eyes. My entire career I have consistently been asked how to do the perfect smokey eye and so I developed the Smokey Eye Baton. It’s quick and effective at delivering a smoldering eye look.

What’s the chicest thing you’ve seen this week?

I was traveling during Paris Fashion week so I have only just caught up on the shows. Yesterday, I was looking at Hermès by Christophe Lemaire. IMHO, I think this is the way rich women should look. I think he has a perfect understanding of luxury, and what is quintessentially French-Chic and modern.

What’s the chicest thing you’ve ever seen?

Aerin Lauder’s Instagram. In the fashion arena, I feel pretty confident that I can compete, but when I look at lifestyle magazines or her Instagram it feels impossible for anyone to live that perfectly.

What’s a chic thing you haven’t seen yet, but you’re dying to see?

Hotel Du Cap. We went to the south of France in August a few years ago and there was no availability. Leading up to the trip, we called daily to check for cancellations but it was, “C’est impossible.”

Favorite scent?

The smell of money. No, really…I always joke that I’m like a granny when it comes to fragrance. I adore white florals like lily of the valley, jasmine and gardenia.

What’s your biggest beauty secret?

We’ve only just met…you think I’m telling you? Lol

How do you transport your makeup/tools from place to place?

In a Goyard train case. My kit has become a bit legendary in the beauty industry if I do say so. It was a Valentine’s Day gift from several years ago from my partner Nathaniel Hawkins. It’s so heavy it is like carrying a cinderblock around.

Name three things you’re obsessed with right now:

1. My brilliant friend, Eva Fehren, designed a gorgeous black diamond bracelet especially for me. It’s my “gay man’s tennis bracelet.”
2. The images that Ben Hassett created for my brand. Can’t wait to show you!
3. Aerin Lauder’s Instagram

What’s your mantra?

My favorite right now is Diana Nyad’s: “Find A Way.”

If you had to choose one word to describe Surratt Beauty, what would it be?

#FORSALE (wink, wink @aerinlauder) 




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