Ask Babe: Anal Journey?

Dear  Babe,

My fiancé is a super smart scientist in grad school, he’s getting his PHD in human genetics. He’s really wonderful but just the other day we were talking about sexual things we could do for each other and he mentioned that he wants me to lick his asshole…like why? Why why why…what the fuck. No. If he loves me he won’t make me do that, right? Should I let this go? You’re my teacher preacher. Educate me.



Possible Salad Tosser,

Here’s my suggestion: explain to your BF that you’re more of a power bottom when it comes to anal play and ask him to go down south first. Trust me on this, it feels amazing. Your boyfriend’s a scientist so he probably knows this, which is why he’s asking you to do it in the first place. Who knows? The whole experience might open your eyes to a new perspective, and you might decide to return the favor. But you probably won’t. I mean, I would never ever ever ever (except in certain Babette situations which you can read about in my new book that comes out tomorrow). In any case, make sure you’ve showered/cleansed/colonic-ed appropriately beforehand. And try not to clench. xo.



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    Lol, brilliant.

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    Lol, brilliant!

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    Christine Brntt


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    Stank hole.

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