Ask Babe: Please Send Help

Dear Babe,

Leo is wearing a little bun.

Please. Send. Help!




Dearest Toni Garrn,

So many things are upsetting about all of this. First of all stop sleeping with/frolicking in the ocean with/being cute with my boyfriend.  Especially in Bora Bora. That’s our fucking place.

Secondly…what are you feeding him? He’s looking super fat for Leo, don’t you think?

Also, is Leo pushing you here or are you falling and either way how embaressed are you?

K. Bye.



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3 responses to “Ask Babe: Please Send Help”

  1. Chase White Avatar
    Chase White

    You spelt embarrassed wrong, how embarrassed are you?

  2. Marisa Beatriz Avatar
    Marisa Beatriz

    This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a while. Personally I think Leo is a perv as he could be her dad, he was 18 when she was born.

  3. Anna B Avatar
    Anna B

    Fat for Leo? No. Leo always looks fat. Leo is a fatty. And that poor girl has to have sex with him. I’m sad for her.

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