David The Intern (Part Six: Uniform?)

For someone whose life is so defined by clothes and fashion Babe has never been overly vocal about what I wear to work. Sure, there are the occasional comments about my wardrobe, things like “cute shoes” or “was that sweater a gift?” or, on more than one occasion, “what sad little store did you buy that in?” but overall my workplace fashion choices have gone largely unnoticed, or at least uncommented. 

But then on Monday, after wearing a pair of jeans Babe called “revolting” to a “business lunch” (Babe and I eating salads alone in her office) she decided to institute an official uniform for me inspired by the movie “Albert Nobbs,” in which Glenn Close dresses like a male butler to find work in 19th century Ireland. 

And so, for the rest of the week I wore this, with accompanying hair and makeup. 

Maybe I’ll buy a velour Juicy Couture track suit and wear it next week to spite her.

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