The Repeat Offender

I used to be a fucking idiot and think that you should only wear your favorite garments once, maybe twice. Then at some point in my early twenties, the error of my ways became painfully evident. I started consciously investing in my motorcycle jacket and denim collections. The collections and my love for both wardrobe-musts have only grown and to date, I have enough jackets and jeans to dress fifteen full casts of West Side Story. I say this with immense pride. Like, I’m welling up right now.

The really cunty and amazing thing about a good moto jacket or a good pair of jeans or a good slasher movie for that matter, is that they all get better with age. In order to take advantage of this phenomenon, it was key that I took my head out of my ass and started wearing things over and over. Thus making them my “thing.” It turns out that repetition is actually a GOOD THING. Sometimes repetition is not the best, though, par example:

Living for the song, but for the love of fuck this video is an assault on my nerves. Still not totally clear on Lana Del Rey.

Long story short, this spring all of you psychos need to make sure that you wear the fuck out of your favorite pieces. They grow on you, they become you, and you become them. If you don’t have a trusted moto moment or the perfect denim jacket (and you haven’t already ordered it online since you started reading this), then immediately do whatever it takes to upgrade your life. Blood, sweat, and tears are the perfect distressers.

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