David The Intern

There are rare moments in the life of an intern when the stars align, the birds sing in harmonious unison, your boss is happy, and you actually have a relaxing week.  

Right now Babe’s new book, Psychos is selling really well, she’s found balance in her personal life, and she’s in the middle of this really productive and invigorating cleanse. Meanwhile I’ve been sleeping 8 hours a night, have finally been working out, lost a pound, gained it back, took a bath for the first time in over a year, picked up Babe’s dry cleaning, dropped it back off because it wasn’t done right, answered a few e-mails, scheduled and rescheduled meetings, and finally caught up on RHOA.

I wasn’t going to overanalyze anything, I wasn’t going to question, I was just going to be happy and accept that this had actually been a really good week. For once. 

And then on Friday afternoon, I got the following text from Babe. “Heyyyyy fat ass. I literally haven’t seen you in foreverrrr. Since you took this week off, there are a few things I need done by Monday/now. Call me ASAP. Welcome back, bitch.”

Okay, well, I guess it was almost a good week. Something’s gotta give, right? 







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  1. Reese Avatar

    best boss ever I’m sure.


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