Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker

So today is something that the people around me like to call “Mother’s Day.” I can’t say I’ve ever been totally clear on what this is about, because I never really had a mom until like, 3 years ago (wanna know more?!), but I can say that I like any holiday that doesn’t involve making some ridiculous huge meal and forcing it down your family’s and friend’s throats. So here’s to chic moms around the world. And here’s to my mom, Donna Valeo, possibly the chicest woman on earth and also possibly the worst mother on earth.

Here are some of my fave moms, just in case you were interested:

Jacqui Getty!

Lisa Marie Presley!

Daryl Hannah! She doesn’t have any kids but love her.

Diane Lane!


You know her fucking name.


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