Ask Babe: Is Fashion Week Dead?

Dear Babe,

What are you up to this Fashion Week? Why haven’t you mention it.

Are you okay?




Dear Whoever The Fuck You Are,

Guess what…. I’m boycotting fashion week. I honestly can’t take another human being in leather shorts asking me if I “have a light.”  It’s not that I’m anti-fashion. I love fashion. Like I fucking love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love fashion.

Fashion means a lot to me. But the people that are attending fashion shows these days have just become such animals, with their stupid hats, and iPhones, and plastic shoes and Hood By Air.

So until “WE” as a human race start being better at going to the shows…

I’ll pass. But I have ben smoking a lot of pot and doing a ton of pilates.

See you for Fall 2015….maybe.



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3 responses to “Ask Babe: Is Fashion Week Dead?”

  1. Jenise Spiteri Avatar
    Jenise Spiteri

    Babe Walker still exists?

  2. Matthew Avatar

    Hood By Air is the grossest.
    I can’t tell if their clothes are actually gross, or just so future that I can’t understand it, but either way I’m repulsed.

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