This summer has been really fun and really intense for me. Throughout my travels, there were moments of self-discovery, self-love, self-hatred, self-reflection, and self-worship, and ultimately self-assuredness (mostly thanks to a South African shaman who spit goat blood in my face, but that was actually a really personal experience so I don’t want to say much more about it, except that my entire outfit that day was made of beads and the whole thing was really chic/cleansing/my version of the ALS ice bucket challenge).

But now that I’m back in LA and about to start writing another book I’m just feeling…I don’t know, empty? Depressed? Melancholy? I say this because I’ve been shopping way more than usual, which my therapist calls a “red flag” or something like that. Like, already this week I’ve bought 7 Diptyque candles, a bong, 4 capes, a vintage life boat from the 1920’s (a belated Father’s Day gift for my dad) a modern brass desk from the 70’s (new book, new desk…obviously), and a yellow 1979 Mercedes Benz convertible because, according to my psychic, yellow is a power color for me.

Thankfully I’m not having any problems in the vintage clothing department. I’ve been leaning heavily on Bib + Tuck ever since the beginning of my Fall ’14 shopping spree, and they always manage to deliver the goods. For example, this morning I’ve been lying in bed with a kale smoothie and perusing their offerings and here’s what I’ve found so far:

This fringed suede jacket. Brokeback Babe? I think yes.

These Prada loafers. Not vintage I know, but necessary.

This Oscar de la Renta gown from the 1960s is literal perfection in every way shape and form.

This Chanel cuff. Just because.

This Moschino belt. Also just because.

I almost had a heart attack when I laid eyes on these insane, custom 1970s platforms. I mean, can you even deal? Actually I might need to buy everything in this member’s store.This vintage Gucci bag also gave me minor heart palpitations.

This jacket gives me Stevie Nicks on acid vibes and I like it.

I feel like this Missoni sweater could be incorporated into a really amazing après ski outfit. Even though I never ski it’s like…I might someday, so it’s a must.

Genevieve’s 28th birthday is coming up and I think this clock purse would make the perfect “Congrats on being almost 30 and unmarried…just kidding I love you” gift.

My Tai Tai always advised me to “live a lifestyle that’s low in calories and high in fur.” This vintage raccoon coat is the perfect addition to my ever-growing fur collection.

And this DVF coat is the perfect addition to my blue coat collection.

And so is this Jil Sander.

Okay, so if I buy all this stuff now and stop shopping for the rest of the week, that means I’m not a shopping addict, right? You can see all my Bib + Tuck obsessions here. And if you decide to sign up for your own membership, you can get $15 off your first purchase. As for me, I’ll be enjoying all my new vintage pieces and praying my therapist doesn’t call my dad and try to schedule an intervention…again.

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