Babe Reads: Dirty Rush


This book I read over the weekend has been a call to arms. I had to tell you psychos about this shit immediately. I got an advanced copy of Dirty Rush in the mail and literally read it in a day which is two years faster than I’ve ever read a whole book in my life. It’s disgusting, it’s offensive, it’s lolzful, and it’s all about bitches and sisterhood… something I kind of know nothing about and am fascinated by. Also noteworthy: it’s 75% less about Tory Burch flats and Michael Kors watches than I was expecting.

Maybe the best part about it is that one of my super cute former interns wrote it. Her name is Taylor Bell and she worked for me a few summers ago. She was an incredible intern. My almond lattés were always the right hue: burnt caramel, my desk was always neat AF when I got to it in the morning at 4pm, and she reminded me that I am thin enough everyday before leaving work. #Blessed. Also, she’s actually a good writer. I’ve never said that about anyone I know, so this is a big deal.

I guess Taylor went to college in whatever random non-chic little state she’s from, was basically forced to join a sorority by these insane Beta Zeta psychos, dated a super hot guy with a big dick, got caught up in a drug ring scandal AND a sex tape scandal, did some drugs, wore some Uggs, and learned a lot. I’m not saying I condone her choices, but I am saying I’m proud of the way she told her story so honestly.

Taylor, if you’re reading this, text me. I would if I hadn’t lost your number. Did I ever even have your number? I miss you. I love you. Dirty Rush is an amazing first book. Don’t drink any more beer. Text me.

Read a few leaked chapters and/or/if/when pre-order her book HERE, it only takes a day to read and it’s beyond and there’s a chapter that heavily features anal beads I’ll say no more.

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  • Mason Carter

    Babe, what is this shit. Didn’t you used to think that sororities were the worst? Come on, stop with the marketing ploys like Bib+Tuck, Tracy Anderson, and now this book. I read the leaked first chapter and wanted to vom (#Gross, seriously?). Go back to being the fucking socialite psychopath you are inside and stop selling shit. For all of the wannabe psychos who think I’m a hater–true love hurts the most. Idk if these marketing ploys are encouraged by your rekindled romance with Robert, but you need to spend a few hours in a steam room, eat a few almond skins (not too many), and make an emergency appointment with your shaman, Steve. Pull it together.