Ask Babe: Spring Break Style?

Dear Babe, I’m going to Punta Cana soon for vacation and I just have no idea what to pack. I want to stay chic and less sweaty in the hot weather. Thanks A****   Dear Selena Gomez, If you’re going …

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And The Winner Is………….

After much thought and consideration and crying and screaming, I have decided who will be crowned Miss Temptu 2014! CONGRATULATIONS to Instagram user @amorairbrush. ¬†You are the winner of the #DoUTemptu contest. @Temptu will contact you directly about getting you …

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Ask Babe: You Are What You Wear

Hey Babe, I loved your post about what to wear at college. But what about during midterms and finals, when one is supposed to look comfortable? How can I avoid the uggs and yoga pants look while not looking like …

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Babe Walker’s Post-Holiday Gift Guide

Dear Everyone, I know, the holidays are over. But I find that celebrating a holiday when everyone else is celebrating to be very un-chic. Also, I forgot to post my holiday shopping guide at an appropriate time because I was …

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