Recipe Babe: Coconut Truffles

Although we’re still in the depths of January it’s never too early to starting thinking about shedding the pound you gained for winter, and recommitting yourself to your body fat and weight loss goals. Besides, since bikini season in California …

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Ask Babe: Hung-Over It

Babe, I’m so hungover. What do you recommend to cure the dreaded “next day” feeling? X S****   Dear Courtney Cox’s assistant, Whenever I’m hungover (either emotionally or physically), I procure 10 bottles of alkalized water, turn my dry sauna …

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Ask Babe: The Munchies

Hey Babe, I know you are busy with your new book and stuff, but there is a little thing I want to ask you. How do you deal with the food cravings (if you have any) when you are stoned? …

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If You Haven’t Seen Blue Jasmine Yet…

Then what the literal fuck is wrong with you?  It has everything. Nervous breakdowns: A Birkin: Vodka moments: This Chanel jacket: and Cate Blanchett’s ivory skin. What’s not to love?

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