If You Haven’t Seen Blue Jasmine Yet…

Then what the literal fuck is wrong with you?  It has everything. Nervous breakdowns: A Birkin: Vodka moments: This Chanel jacket: and Cate Blanchett’s ivory skin. What’s not to love?

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Ask Babe: Public Intoxication

Babe, Last night I was forcibly taken to the hospital during a party, after throwing up in the bathroom. Is this a sign that my drinking habit has gotten out of control? Should I quit? Or do I merely need …

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Ask Babe: My Boyfriend Is A Dick

Babe, My boyfriend treats me like shit. I cry all the time. My mom says I am giving myself to Walmart while my Barneys is waiting. What should I do? A*** Dear Rihanna, Some general thoughts on the subject of …

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Ask Babe: Final Fat-asy

Dear Babe, I’m in the throws of final exams right now, and I just can’t stop thinking about punctuating my studying with fatty food. It really sucks because, until now, I’d been eating so healthy and running 5 miles like …

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