R.I.P. Marius

Sometimes you’re a baby giraffe living on the African savanna with your giraffe family and spending your days eating acacia leaves and LOL-ing at all the lions who are trying to eat you. Sometimes you’re a baby giraffe who grows …

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Babe Goes To Auction (Part 2)

In honor of Queen Elizabeth’s 60th year on the throne, the British mattress company, Savoir, is creating 60 select editions of a $175,000 Royal Bed. ¬†And while I’m sure an American mattress company is making something just as major in …

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Scary Movie (Faces)

This is how Lindsay Lohan reacts every time she sees herself in a mirror. It’s sad really. Last night was the Scary Movie 5 Premiere. I’m gonna go ahead and show you guys some pictures of the red carpet because …

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Ask Babe: Pet Death

Hi Babe, Today I had to put my little dog of 10 years down. He was my baby. How do I cope? XOXO, E********   Dear Sad & Alone, I’m not going to tell you to get drunk, do drugs, …

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