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  • Musique Babe: Guinness/LaChapelle/Life

    Musique Babe: Guinness/LaChapelle/Life

    I’ve only ever really cared about one celebrity. I guess she makes music now. I guess I’m obsessed. I guess I’m dead now. Bye. I guess.

  • Babe Goes To Auction (Part 2)

    Babe Goes To Auction (Part 2)

    In honor of Queen Elizabeth’s 60th year on the throne, the British mattress company, Savoir, is creating 60 select editions of a $175,000 Royal Bed.  And while I’m sure an American mattress company is making something just as major in honor of Blue Ivy’s 1st “B’Day”, the release of this luxury bed once again reminded me…

  • Babe Goes To Auction

    Babe Goes To Auction

    The most expensive carpet in the world just sold for $33,765,000 at Sotheby’s in New York City. While I don’t particularly give a flying fuck about 17th century Persian rugs, this antique reminded me of all the luxury items I’ve bid on (and lost) to billionaires.

  • Musique Babe: ‘Is Tropical’

    Musique Babe: ‘Is Tropical’

    This video just gets me. And this song will be on repeat in my car for the next 2 months. And I need to invite this band over for green juice and cigarettes because I’m obsessed. You are so incredibly welcome for this. Oh, don’t watch this with your dad in the room. Unless you’re a complete…