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Ask Babe: HS

Dear Babe, What were you like in High School? Love, A***   Dear Regina from Mean Girls, It’s so hard to look back and have any perspective on who and what and how I was back them. I’m gonna do …

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Ask Babe: Getting “The Job” Done

Babe, I am in desperate need of guidance. Last night I gave my boyfriend a handjob (first time I had ever given one and first time he has received one) under a blanket while watching a movie in my friend’s …

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Ask Babe: Naomi’s New Piece

Babe,  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Congrats to Naomi on her new dildo? But it’s not a Russian billionaire… E***   Kate Moss, I know there are less yachts involved in this relationship, but I am all for a Campbell/Fassbender union. Billionaires are super …

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Ask Babe: Cough

Babe, I’ve been dying to know. Is smoking chic? L*****   Lindsay Lohan, Smoking is only chic if you’re one of the following people: Kate Moss Me Other than that, it’s a total NUNCA. You can read more of my …

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