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Ask Babe: Cough

Babe, I’ve been dying to know. Is smoking chic? L*****   Lindsay Lohan, Smoking is only chic if you’re one of the following people: Kate Moss Me Other than that, it’s a total NUNCA. You can read more of my …

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Ask Babe: Basics, Bitch.

Dear Ms. Walker, I’m stuck in a rut and have been feeling incomplete lately. As such, I decided to rip my wardrobe to the studs and rebuild it from the ground up. Naturally, I am keeping all my chic unique …

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Ask Babe: Can I Fuck Your Intern?

Dear Babe, Can I fuck David the intern? Is he on howaboutwe? Are you really letting him invade your sacred blog? What is up with his chakra? Did he really mispronounce Givenchy? Does he have a last name/life? P.S: RIP …

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Ask Babe: Adderall?

Babe, Is it bad that I love adderall? Or is it necessary for me to pass my classes? J******   Dear Emma Watson, Yes, adderall induced productivity is necessary sometimes, especially if you’re in school and can’t focus. How do …

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