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Ask Babe: Too Turnt?

Dear Babe, Lately I’ve noticed that all of my friends are constantly talking about “turning up.” I think it means drinking a lot but I’m not exactly sure. Do you know? Do you turn up when you go out? I …

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Ask Babe: Anal Journey?

Dear ¬†Babe, My fianc√© is a super smart scientist in grad school, he’s getting his PHD in human genetics. He’s really wonderful but just the other day we were talking about sexual things we could do for each other and …

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Ask Babe: The Bald and The Beautiful

Dear Babe, Is not waxing ever okay? S****   Dear Everyone’s Mom, Are you assuming that I’m going to tell you that bald is always better, bolder, and Baber? Well, you’d be wrong. It’s almost always the best direction to …

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Ask Babe: Please Send Help

Dear Babe, Leo is wearing a little bun. Please. Send. Help! Love, T***   Dearest Toni Garrn, So many things are upsetting about all of this. First of all stop sleeping with/frolicking in the ocean with/being cute with my boyfriend. …

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