I’m Not Dead.

I’m not dead.  I promise. But on my 26th birthday a few weeks ago, I took a vow of silence. This has limited my ability to interact with people, therefore I’ve been staying home, with Robert, watching all the episodes …

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So today is the day. My book has finally arrived. When I was writing this opus, I was terrified that you would all think I was insane by the time you finished reading it. I was so insecure about how …

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New Book: New Chapter Leak

I’m literally freaking out that my new book is coming out in literally one week. I can’t even deal with the pressure. My editor and agent and publisher and publicist and healer all think I need to calm down, but …

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David The Intern (Part Six: Uniform?)

For someone whose life is so defined by clothes and fashion Babe has never been overly vocal about what I wear to work. Sure, there are the occasional comments about my wardrobe, things like “cute shoes” or “was that sweater a …

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