Beat Babe

Beat Babe: Rain

Rain makes. Rain makes the world wet. Rain brings life to the trees. Rain fucks with suede boots. Rain makes me eat soup. Soup is chic. I’d rather drink tea than eat soup. Rain.

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Beat Babe: Robyn, Take Me Away

You are my boyfriend My girlfriend My girl. My stars forever. My fave Swede, my sweetest pop bitch boyfriend babe. In the end, tell them to play Dancing On My Own. at my funeral The winter was too hard for …

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Beat Babe: Tracy.

Tracy. My fitness sherpa. Guide me into the light. Brentwood. Tribeca. Soon…London. Studio City? Nunca. Your method is my meth.

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Beat Babe: Lez Delevigne

If I could, I would. Lay and wait. For you, my sweet Cara. Wait for you to come down from your weird UFO ship saucer thing that you probably, like live in with Michelle and Rih and Rita. I would …

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