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  • Ask Babe: Scent-ual

    Ask Babe: Scent-ual

    Hey Babe, I’m on the hunt for the perfect perfume so I was wondering, what’s your favorite/signature scent? Psycho for Life, V*******   Scent-less Psycho, It’s sooooooooo important to have a fragrance story for every occasion. I can’t stress that enough. What you project (scent-wise) at your cousin’s graduation from fat camp should be very…

  • The Other Woman

    The Other Woman

    This though?

  • Me and Dries Van Noten

    Me and Dries Van Noten

    So I was in New York City on Wednesday for some meetings about the release of my new book, Psychos and I decided to stop by Barney’s for a cocktail party/book signing with my BFF, the disgustingly chic fashion designer Dries Van Noten. Everything about the event was stunning: Dries signed some books; showed some…

  • You’re A Babe: Troy Surratt

    You’re A Babe: Troy Surratt

    My personal shoppers at various Barneys around the U.S. are always emailing me about what new products I should be trying, people I should be meeting and pills I should be taking. Recently I was invited to an event to check out Troy Surratt’s namesake makeup line, Surratt Beauty. It’s chic. He’s chic. I’m obsessed.…