Babe Walker x TEMPTU

I’m about to reveal a beauty secret (and a cute contest…which I’ll get to later) that I’ve been keeping to myself for a while now that will blow your mind, so prepare yourself by sitting down, laying down, making sure …

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Ask Babe: No Makeup?

Hey Babe, So after dating my BF for over 2 years, I still haven’t taken all of my makeup off in front of him. I always faked a flawless natural look but now that I’m spending the night at his …

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Ask Babe: Fitness?

Dear Babe, I’m very thin but I think I should start working out. I don’t care about losing weight because I don’t need to, but I don’t really have much strength and I’m not that toned. I know from genetics …

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Praise Be To God (Tom Ford)

If you’re anything like, me then you’ve probably been on acid in the Tom Ford store, wanting to buy everything (yet unable to try on any clothes because your body is rejecting the feel of new textures), and deciding to …

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