An Open Letter To North West

Dear North, You’re chic. Also, I haven’t seen your face yet, but I already know you’re gorgeous. And it’s a good thing you’re chic/beautiful because your life isn’t going to be easy. Your mom seems like kind of a psycho, …

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Boy Friend

Having a best guy friend is the new having a best gay friend. ¬†Obviously, I would never give up my gay bestie Roman, but I’ve been majorly feeling the big brother/little sister vibes between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone lately. …

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Old Friends

The holidays put you back in contact with all sorts of people you’re not used to interacting with anymore. Say you’ve made a good life for yourself in some city where you can relax and be yourself enough that you …

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Ask Babe: BFF? Really?

Hi Babe, One of my best friends is a guy. I have no roommate and often get lonely coming home to an empty room after going out at night. So, I go to sleep in my best guy friend’s bed …

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