Recipe Babe: Lasagna Smell

  Sometimes you get a craving for something that you just shouldn’t eat. For me it happens when I’m sad, lonely, depressed, about to get my period, angry, tired, and happy. But I have a great little trick I like …

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Ask Babe: 2014 Valentine’s Edition

Babe: I’m single for Valentine’s day but I want chocolate… Is it too pathetic to buy myself some? Be honest. Love, R******   Dearest Melissa McCarthy, Please stop talking about chocolate. Please, please, please, please. You need pull yourself together. …

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Beat Babe: I’m Starving.

  Sustanance I eat therefore I am. I breathe therefore I can. Food is not the love I crave It’s not the one to save me. Dark Dark Dark Drake. I’m hungry for a Steak. I’m high right now.  I …

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Ask Babe: Naked Ambition

Babe, Time and again I feel like I want to be a stripper.  The money is supposedly great and I truly think I would love it/ be really amazing.  Is there any chic way to respond to this dark impulse? …

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