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  • Boring Is Basic Is Sad

    Boring Is Basic Is Sad

    Roman was over at my place last night because neither of us had seen the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 Finale, which was on Monday night. It’s our favorite show. Our fave, Adore, didn’t take home the crown, but it was still funny and gay and fun and not chic and stupid and everything to…

  • The Other Woman

    The Other Woman

    This though?

  • Recipe Babe: Lasagna Smell

    Recipe Babe: Lasagna Smell

      Sometimes you get a craving for something that you just shouldn’t eat. For me it happens when I’m sad, lonely, depressed, about to get my period, angry, tired, and happy. But I have a great little trick I like to do in these cases. I make something yummy, smell the shit out of it…

  • Ask Babe: 2014 Valentine’s Edition

    Ask Babe: 2014 Valentine’s Edition

    Babe: I’m single for Valentine’s day but I want chocolate… Is it too pathetic to buy myself some? Be honest. Love, R******   Dearest Melissa McCarthy, Please stop talking about chocolate. Please, please, please, please. You need pull yourself together. Here’s what we’re going  to do: Shop. It’s the best way to put a smile…