Ask Babe: HS

Dear Babe, What were you like in High School? Love, A***   Dear Regina from Mean Girls, It’s so hard to look back and have any perspective on who and what and how I was back them. I’m gonna do …

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David The Intern (Part Five: Hide and Seek)

Babe came over to my apartment last weekend, for the first and last time ever. Just to catch you up, part of my job as Babe Walker’s “assistant”/”intern”/”fat chamber boy” is to be at the beckoned call of a proud …

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Now that we are officially in the month that my new book is being published, I decided to let all of you fucking psychos have another taste of this thing. So here you go: CHAPTER 2: TRYING TO DO MORE …

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Book Babe: A Little More Of My New Book (Sort Of)

Last week I told you that I’d released the second part of chapter 1 of my new book, PSYCHOS. I mentioned it casually on the blog, but I think some of you real psychos missed it because I’ve gotten a …

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