The “Welcome Home From Rehab” Look

It’s happened. I leaked Part B of the first chapter of my new book, Psychos. Read it here. In short, it’s about how leaving rehab made me realize even my closest friends can fail to appreciate my soul, my spirit, …

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My New Fucking Book: Psychos

Ladies and Gaydies, I would like to formally invite you to read the beginning of my new book, Psychos. It will be officially published by Simon & Schuster on April 29th, but I convinced the powers that be to let …

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The Best Surprise Is A Leo Surprise

So last night I made a last minute decision to stay in, turn off my iPhone 5s, and treat myself to a private celebration of the upcoming publication of my new book. After a huge dinner, which included three oysters …

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Ask Babe: Book Babe

Dear Babe, What are some chic books related to fashion? Love, A**   Dear Booker T. Washington, Your timing is impeccable. I’ve been on a fucking reading rampage since I finished my new book PSYCHOS. This always happens when I’m …

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