I Literally Want To Fuck Everyone In This Trailer.

Emma, Emma, Emma…   I feel like this is the movie that is gonna make you so fucking famous that you won’t return my calls. Of course it’s James fucking Franco who will be responsible for this. He comes between me …

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I’m having twins. I can’t talk about it. My boyfriend is so happy, but I don’t think he realizes how fat I’m gonna get. Wear condoms.

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My Ex Boyfriend: Carson Daly

Boyfriends usually end up disappointing you.  Everything is perfect, and then somewhere down the road they fart or you change or your cat dies or their mother hates you and the next thing you know you’re screaming at each other …

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Ask Babe: Breakup Outfits

Babe, Can you share any breakup ensembles? I need to dump my boyfriend, but want to look chic doing it. K****   Eva Mendes, Even though we all know you’ve already been broken up with, I’ll humor you. The key to …

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