Campaigns Of The Corn

I guess every famous person besides me is doing some sort of campaign this year? Some are to love, some are to hate, and some are very unclear. Let’s review the broad strokes, just incase the Didion C√©line¬†campaign comes up …

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Boring Is Basic Is Sad

Roman was over at my place last night because neither of us had seen the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 Finale, which was on Monday night. It’s our favorite show. Our fave, Adore, didn’t take home the crown, but it …

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Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker

Today I’m praying for George Clooney’s fiancee/daughter Amal Alamuddin. Okay, so normally I’m not interested in the activities of male celebrities over 50 who aren’t Bruce Jenner, Karl Lagerfeld or Lindsay Lohan but since the same issue of People Magazine …

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Ask Babe: Too Turnt?

Dear Babe, Lately I’ve noticed that all of my friends are constantly talking about “turning up.” I think it means drinking a lot but I’m not exactly sure. Do you know? Do you turn up when you go out? I …

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