Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker

Have done nothing today but listen to this song on repeat while smoking herbal cigarettes and drinking fennel juice from the garden. Me day.

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Beat Babe: Divergent

Shailene, Shailene, Shailene,  Who are you? Where are you? Are you southern? Once upon a time, you were in a movie with George Clooney. But now, you are divergent. Once upon a time, your star was shining bright in the …

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Ask Babe: Bonnaroo

Babe, I’m going to Bonnaroo! It’s hot, dirty, and overall not very chic. Please help me prepare mentally and physically. Thanks, K**** Dear Muddy Boo Boo Child, Although I’m not sure how I feel about your spending the weekend in …

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Ask Babe: Coffee C’est Chic?

Babe, Coffee. Chic or not chic? M*****   Dear James Franco, Oui. In fact, one of the first things I have my new interns do (aside from reminding them to always address me in a British accent and asking them …

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