Ask Babe: A Rare Moment

Dear Babe, Are you honestly trying to tell me to read a book about a sorority? Are you okay? Is Babette back? I’m scared for you. Get well soon, A**   Dear Psycho, I get it. I totally get it. …

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Babe Reads: Dirty Rush

OKAYYYYYY. This book I read over the weekend has been a call to arms. I had to tell you psychos about this shit immediately. I got an advanced copy of Dirty Rush in the mail and literally read it in a …

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My Boyfriend: Emma Watson’s Boyfriend

As it turns out, my boyfriend-du-jour already has a girlfriend… You may think this is an inappropriate arena for the announcement that this particular man is also MY boyfriend, but I had no choice. This is where I feel most …

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Ask Babe: Unclear College Fashions

Babe, I go to school with a bunch of bitches who only wear yoga pants/ sweatpants/Patagonia pullovers/ UGG slippers….gag. How do I stay chic without looking like a total eyesore among the totally un-chic clones? T****   Not-So-Basic Bitch, From …

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