Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker: If There’s A God

I went on maybe the best date of my life last night. Maybe. I laughed really hard at his jokes and some of them were actually funny, he doesn’t drive an annoying car, and he’s never slept with anyone I …

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And Now I Wanna Fuck Ellen Page…

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My Boyfriend: Emma Watson’s Boyfriend

As it turns out, my boyfriend-du-jour already has a girlfriend… You may think this is an inappropriate arena for the announcement that this particular man is also MY boyfriend, but I had no choice. This is where I feel most …

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Ask Babe: Getting Over An Ex?

Dear Babe, How do you get over an ex? Should I jump right back into dating? S**** Dear Glenn Close In Fatal Attraction, JumpingĀ into a new relationship any less than 2 weeks after a breakup is a bad idea (unless …

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