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  • Ask Babe: Love Affair

    Ask Babe: Love Affair

    Babe, I’m in love. I really love cocaine, but I cant afford it all the time. Help. Love, J**   Dear Lindsay Lohan, I know you’ve run into some financial issues, of late. You really need to chill with the coke, babe. It’s not cute. I get that you love coke. Who the fuck doesn’t…

  • A Psychedelic Journey With Dries Van Noten

    A Psychedelic Journey With Dries Van Noten

    Sometimes the Universe sends messages that you need to stop doing so many drugs. Like when your cleaning lady accidentally eats some of your mushroom chocolates and thinks you’re the devil incarnate. Or when you do too much coke at a party and find yourself crying tears of actual emotion while singing Crash Into Me to…

  • Praise Be To God (Tom Ford)

    Praise Be To God (Tom Ford)

    If you’re anything like, me then you’ve probably been on acid in the Tom Ford store, wanting to buy everything (yet unable to try on any clothes because your body is rejecting the feel of new textures), and deciding to focus on makeup and scents instead. This would have led you to the cosmetics counter,…

  • Twinsies


    Miley Cyrus, August 2013, NYC Cynthia (Angelica’s doll), 1993, Rugrats, Nickelodeon   That’s all.