Ask Babe: Still Stoned

Babe, What do you recommend for me to rejuvenate myself after smoking too much weed last night? I just awoke and am still contemplating where I am, who I am, why this is happening, why I was not born Lauren …

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Harmony, Harmony, and Love.

So I know I just posted a movie trailer starring Mr. Franco yesterday, but this just got released and I couldn’t resist sharing. I’ve been looking forward to this film since last year when the producer of Spring Breakers showed …

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Ask Babe: Merry Ex-Mas

Okay Babe, help. Musician ex-boyfriend is going to rehab again for a recurring heroin problem (which I feel is simultaneously very 90’s chic and kind of overall un-chic), and he keeps texting me trying to like, reconnect, even though we …

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Ask Babe: Dazed and Confused and Everything

Dear Babe, Why am I awake? Why am I watching View From The Top? Why am I not a flight attendant? Would Gwenyth fuck me? Where am I? Who are you? G*******   Stoner, Given your current state, I think …

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