I’m having twins. I can’t talk about it. My boyfriend is so happy, but I don’t think he realizes how fat I’m gonna get. Wear condoms.

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Ask Babe: Friends With (Annoying) Kids

Babe, All my girlfriends have kids now, and never have time to chill out anymore. Ugh I’m getting sick of them. C***   Jennifer Aniston, I feel your pain. Kids are psycho, and having kids is even more psycho. Who …

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Modern Manners

Move over Emily Post, my bff Liv wrote this chic little book called Modern Manners with renowned etiquette expert/her grandmother Dorothea Johnson.  This book really speaks to me and I know it will speak to you too.  It’s everything you need …

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An Open Letter to George Alexander Louis

Dear YRH, Look, you’re doing the right thing by disappearing to a rando cottage.  I have to say, I’m getting a little little liiiiiiiiiiiiittle tired of you already, and you’re what, five minutes old?  So stay in for a while, learn …

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