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  • Recipe Babe: Dad’s Gin & Tonic

    Recipe Babe: Dad’s Gin & Tonic

    Are dads not the best thing ever? So, I know you psychos are dying for another installment of culinary fierceness by yours truly, so I’m pulling this old fucking dusty ass recipe out of my Dad’s famous cocktail repertoire to share with you all. Drink responsibly, which means if you have to get behind the…

  • Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker

    Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker

    So today is something that the people around me like to call “Mother’s Day.” I can’t say I’ve ever been totally clear on what this is about, because I never really had a mom until like, 3 years ago (wanna know more?!), but I can say that I like any holiday that doesn’t involve making…

  • Well…Fuck.


    I’m having twins. I can’t talk about it. My boyfriend is so happy, but I don’t think he realizes how fat I’m gonna get. Wear condoms.

  • Ask Babe: Friends With (Annoying) Kids

    Ask Babe: Friends With (Annoying) Kids

    Babe, All my girlfriends have kids now, and never have time to chill out anymore. Ugh I’m getting sick of them. C***   Jennifer Aniston, I feel your pain. Kids are psycho, and having kids is even more psycho. Who the fuck would want to voluntarily gain 30-60 pounds and stretch their vagina out only…