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  • Chic By Numbers

    Chic By Numbers

    I’ve always been one of those people who claims they “just don’t like kids.” But today’s moment of unbridled chicittude is (I guess) brought to us by a bunch of babies. So, there. First is this teensy little version of Lana Del Rey. She has an amazing body. And then we have this little bitch…

  • The Repeat Offender

    The Repeat Offender

    I used to be a fucking idiot and think that you should only wear your favorite garments once, maybe twice. Then at some point in my early twenties, the error of my ways became painfully evident. I started consciously investing in my motorcycle jacket and denim collections. The collections and my love for both wardrobe-musts…

  • Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker

    Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker

    Have done nothing today but listen to this song on repeat while smoking herbal cigarettes and drinking fennel juice from the garden. Me day.

  • Musique Babe: Goldfrapp

    Musique Babe: Goldfrapp

    Basically, this cinematic video masterpiece is the prequel narrative of Kristen Stewart’s character from Panic Room which in my opinion is about as chic as it comes. SH made being a boy cooler than being a girl. Except, this features a real boy. Anyways, this Goldfrapp vid is the band’s best yet. It gives me…