Words, Words, Words! VOL 3

It’s been a while since I’ve purged myself of the words that make me want to die when I hear them. It’s a healthy practice to write down your least favorite words at least once every few months. Then put …

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Modern Manners

Move over Emily Post, my bff Liv wrote this chic little book called Modern Manners with renowned etiquette expert/her grandmother Dorothea Johnson.  This book really speaks to me and I know it will speak to you too.  It’s everything you need …

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If Only Rehab Had Been This Chic…

I would have stayed forever.

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A Public Service Announcement

Is anyone you know experiencing classic warning signs of Babette-like behavior?  Are they: Using Emojis? Speaking about themselves in the third person?   Cats? Knitting wallpaper? Lapsing into insanity? If so, seek help immediately.  Early detection is key!

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