Ask Babe: Please Send Help

Dear Babe, Leo is wearing a little bun. Please. Send. Help! Love, T***   Dearest Toni Garrn, So many things are upsetting about all of this. First of all stop sleeping with/frolicking in the ocean with/being cute with my boyfriend. …

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Miley Cyrus, August 2013, NYC Cynthia (Angelica’s doll), 1993, Rugrats, Nickelodeon   That’s all.

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I’m thrilled with how my hair looks right now, which, as you all know, is the perfect time to fuck with it and make myself miserable. ┬áLike Thinspo, Fitspo, etc., Hairspo is a collection of images meant to give you …

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An Open Letter To Carrie Bradshaw

Care Bear (Jk), You are saving the world one pubic lice at a time, so thanks, I guess. And sorry, everyone, that you just had to read the word ‘lice.’ Twice. I never really liked you, Carrie. But according to …

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