You’re A Babe: Emm Kuo

Confession: I’ve been in a dark place with my Birkins. Lately it feels like everyone and their dog’s dog has one, and I’m over it. I needed them out of my life until further notice, but the thought of just …

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Babe Walker’s Post-Holiday Gift Guide

Dear Everyone, I know, the holidays are over. But I find that celebrating a holiday when everyone else is celebrating to be very un-chic. Also, I forgot to post my holiday shopping guide at an appropriate time because I was …

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Ask Babe: Back To School

Babe, I’m transferring to USC in the fall (my third university, read that you went to four in your book and that gave me inspiration) and I’m wondering what the FUCK to wear. I’ve never lived in LA or anywhere …

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It’s All Happening At Dior

Whatever. I may have had my doubts. Sue me. But now, as we’d all hoped and prayed and meditated for, Raf Simons has proven to be a genius worthy of the label’s history. His collection for Spring/Summer 2013 which showed …

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