My New Fucking Book: Psychos

Ladies and Gaydies, I would like to formally invite you to read the beginning of my new book, Psychos. It will be officially published by Simon & Schuster on April 29th, but I convinced the powers that be to let …

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An Open Letter to George Alexander Louis

Dear YRH, Look, you’re doing the right thing by disappearing to a rando cottage.  I have to say, I’m getting a little little liiiiiiiiiiiiittle tired of you already, and you’re what, five minutes old?  So stay in for a while, learn …

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You’re a Babe: Wendy Davis

I’m still in a major political phase, so give me some space because I need to talk about Wendy Davis.  Anyone with the fortitude to be born in Texas, believe in equal rights for women, become a Democratic politician, and …

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An Open Letter To Hillary Clinton

Madam President (?), You finally joined Twitter (four years late). Congratulations. Welcome. Unfortunately your social media presence kind of reminds me of my Tai Tai: you just learned how to use modern technology, you’re really cute about it, we’re all super …

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