A Call To Arms

I had a horrible daymare during a nap last week in which I was trying to wear a vintage gold coin Chanel cuff on my bicep (like I do with most cuff/bangle accessories) but no matter how hard I tried, …

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Babe On Eye-Food

I don’t usually take part in “harvest” or “hallow’s eve” traditions. This is partly because I live in LA (a city that has opted out of having seasons) and partly because I don’t understand the appeal of picking your own …

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Go To Bed

As either a late Independence Day or an early Bastille Day gift, I’m giving myself this bed, the Savoir Royal State Bed. ┬áIt’s literally the most expensive bed in the world, and there’s only sixty, and I’ve already reserved four …

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Ask Babe: MIA

Babe, Did you die? A****   Dear Penny Lane, No. My bad. I’ve been at the gym since Thursday.  

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