Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker

It’s Easter Sunday, which is one my favorite things not to celebrate in the whole year. It’s also 4/20, which is one of my favorite holidays of all because I’m a pothead. My prayer today is that none of you …

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Babe Walker’s Guide To St. Patrick’s Day

An unfortunate fiesta of corned beef and beer is almost upon us. Normally my skin would be breaking out at the mere thought of all the people in the United States who are going to consume literally thousands of calories …

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The Nightmare Before Black Friday

For all you masochists venturing into the void otherwise known as Black Friday, I partnered with Rdio (much chicer than Spotify, trust) and curated a playlist that will aid you on what will no doubt be a troubling  journey:

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Ask Babe: Halloween Costume?

Dear Babe, What should I be for Halloween? I’m a 22 year old female. E***   Dear Kim Kardashian, Picking a Halloween costume is a deeply personal and spiritual exercise (for press-hungry losers). It’s like picking your soulmate or deciding …

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