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Ask Babe: Is Fashion Week Dead?

Dear Babe, What are you up to this Fashion Week? Why haven’t you mention it. Are you okay? Love, B*********   Dear Whoever The Fuck You Are, Guess what…. I’m boycotting fashion week. I honestly can’t take another human being …

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Ask Babe: Literally Dying To Shop

Dear Babe, I’m going off to college in a couple weeks and I’ve already packed all my summer/spring/fall clothes because winter doesn’t exist where I’m going and I’m wondering how the hell am I supposed to get more clothes? I’m …

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Boring Is Basic Is Sad

Roman was over at my place last night because neither of us had seen the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 Finale, which was on Monday night. It’s our favorite show. Our fave, Adore, didn’t take home the crown, but it …

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David The Intern (Part Six: Uniform?)

For someone whose life is so defined by clothes and fashion Babe has never been overly vocal about what I wear to work. Sure,┬áthere are the occasional comments about my wardrobe, things like “cute shoes” or “was that sweater a …

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