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Ask Babe: De-Bloat?

Babe, How do you de-bloat? C*******   Dear Honey Boo Boos of The World, You should start by asking yourself why you’re bloated in the first place. Generally, being bloated means that you’ve allowed your body to fill up with …

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David The Intern (Part Seven: Testing Recipes)

Every now and then I spend my time at work testing smoothie, juice, and miscellaneous “food” recipes for Babe, who is constantly coming up with combinations of ingredients, writing them down on embossed/monogrammed paper, laminating them and putting them into …

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Ask Babe: The Bald and The Beautiful

Dear Babe, Is not waxing ever okay? S****   Dear Everyone’s Mom, Are you assuming that I’m going to tell you that bald is always better, bolder, and Baber? Well, you’d be wrong. It’s almost always the best direction to …

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Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker

It’s Easter Sunday, which is one my favorite things not to celebrate in the whole year. It’s also 4/20, which is one of my favorite holidays of all because I’m a pothead. My prayer today is that none of you …

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