Ask Babe: Grave Robber

Hi Babe, My very old, and near death granny has a really sweet 3 carat diamond engagement ring and a pearl necklace. I have never been that close to her or with her (she used to scare me most of …

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Ask Babe: Pierced To The Core

Babe, What do you think about piercings? I’ve had a Monroe for a few months now, and I will be living in Spain this fall. I want to keep it, but my dad says everyone will think I’m a gypsy …

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Ask Babe: Put A Ring On It

Dearest Babe: My boyfriend finally put a ring on it… Well almost. We’re engaged, but I want to design my own ring. So here is my question to you, The Queen of all that is Chic, pear cut diamonds chic …

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How To Speak Fluent Pastel

First there was neon, now there‚Äôs pastel. The next shade-palette du jour will probably be fifty shades of grey or some shit. Whatever, we all know that neon has been deceased ever since I declared it dead a little while …

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